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December 04, 2003


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» The Ferryman from Unbound Spiral
My thanks to Barry Hardy for adding to an interesting Blogging discussion. If you have not seen his blog The Ferryman yet --- check it out. Barry is full-on over two weeks creating a new pulpit for KM in Pharma... [Read More]

» How can blogging be adapted to companies with a 'need to know' culture? from Roland Tanglao's Weblog
(SOURCE: The Ferryman: Blogging, wikis, jazz communities and Industry too )- A company with a 'need to know' internal culture is going to lose in the long run. [Read More]

» From Blogs to Augmented Social Networks from The Blog Herald
(via Roland Tango's blog) The Ferryman looks at a presentation from Stuart Henshall that pursued the theme that community development of blogging could follow the theme of "Jazz in the Blogosphere". Blogging, wikis, jazz communities and Industry too | ... [Read More]

» social networks from Marketing In Recession
a good jazz community isn't just comprised of musicians, says the ferryman.... [Read More]


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