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May 31, 2011


Egon Willighagen

"Participants can copy all the setup and Open Source software onto their machines and we can work on getting it running!"

That's a major achievement, and a great delivered result of the OpenTox project! Last week I installed OpenTox on my laptop, too (with some help of Nina, but not too much, as it mostly worked out of the box).

However, Bioclipse needs a bit more work to support multiple OpenTox servers. That's something we need to work on in the future.

Barry Hardy

We installed the Virtual Appliance and SW on about 20 machines yesterday! Our main challenge and delay was the final installation patch Roman and Nina discovered was needed over the weekend, as this required going onto the net for every machine in turn, which took most of the afternoon! It will be helpful if we can figure the shared folders facility out - but did not have time to do that yet.

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