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February 29, 2004


Stephen Arpie

Our market research found that most corporations and universities do not prefer a web based notebook soluiton. They prefer local clients, non browser interface for authoring notebooks. This article appears to be out of date. Also, XML is a great web tool, but few have adopted it for their laboratory data work flow.

Luigi Cusano

Although I agree with Stephen in that Universities and Corporate Functional groups prefer local based notebook clients, I suspect however that we are about to face a major challenge to the paradigm. Of course, the latter and the former are highly dependent upon the industry served. In certain industries, we face the challenge of design being conducted using a global model, namely corporations with design centers in the US an d in foreign countries with manufacturing distributed regionally throughout the globe. Consequently intranet or web based solutions would be desirable. I am a proponent of the local client paradigm however with the ability to publish or share data via an intranet environment. Moreover, the ability to push and or pull data from corporate platforms such as SAP, Oracle, BOCS, etc may be required moving forward. Corporate IT and Risk Management efforts are starting to drive these relationships.

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