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February 14, 2009



your pics r very cool and i wish that was me


Do you really belive that these animals that have been made human friendly can go back into the wild? Has any wild cat survived the wilderness once being released?, I don't believe so! It is not possible for these wild animals to be released into the wild and live like wild animals, most are killed within weeks!


Actually there has to be a carefully planned introduction program especially one geared towards the reintroduction of the young of the human-reared lions into an initally restricted area, and subsequently the next generation into the wild. So it has to be planned and managed, one cannot just release the animals!

Kelsey Jewell

Do you work with big cats as a career? because i want to work with big cats when I am older. cats are my pride and joy. especially cheetahs.


Awesome and not fair Cheetahs are my favorite animal!

Dot Trotter

Beautiful animals! Love the Cheetah....Gorgeous..and your new kitties..Love cats

joel navarro

such beauty,not may have the chance to be so close to them

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Beautiful animals!


wow thats really amazing. its cute that the lion let u rub its belly!

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