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June 18, 2009



Really i can see whatever is there in Google wave and much more already developed by Colayer,really great thing just people should come to know about Colayer...


Such a wonderful writeup.

Jörg Kurt Wegner

Nice Barry, I posted a critical discussion on Google wave on my blog

Markus Hegi

Good write-up of the basic problems today -

And thanks for explaining some http://colayer.com concepts - Yes, if you are working with many independent contributors, it is very difficult to bring them all to one system - and the ‘lowest common denominator’ is often only email – That’s probably the reason, why Colayer was much more successful within company intra- and extranets.

The challenge for us (the tool developers) for groups of independent collaborators is then: To integrate email in a seamless way into the tool - so that three profiles of users can work in one group together:
1) The 'core team' working on a Google Wave or Colayer system.
2) Some contributors may work only with emails - The task of the tool would then be, to guide the emails back in a very smart way to the right place within the context.
3) And some contributors may use both tools: they may send emails to submit information, and they may log-in to get an overview of the progress, collaborate in a document, perform a real time meeting etc -

We have integrated email into Colayer now – do you think it could work in a community of independent researchers?

Rakesh Biswas

I liked this line very much:

The best collaboration technology of the future will increasingly involve an understanding of the human condition. Interaction and knowledge exchange between people will intertwine with communications like never before. We will be pilgrims of knowledge freed from the chains of email boxes, we must leave the "send email" approach behind to pursue more flexible and dynamic structures, to explore avenues that transcend these old boundaries.

You should send me a book chapter on how this could be applied to health care.



Nida Rafiq

See Also:


For more links, visit to:

Siddhi Nagaonkar

Nice blog! For more links, please visit http://colayer.com/PAGE_googlewave


I have just one question - why is it that I heard / read about Google Wave before Colayer?

Fantastic write-up, Ferryman! The 'Times Page' and the 'Weaver Shuttle' concepts are just fabulous.

But the dilemma stays: If I have to eventually open my mailbox to get 'updates' triggered from a collaborative platform, are we really inching towards what we're set out to achieve? I cannot be hooked on to a single page on the web. An e-mailbox gives me that one-stop shop to get what 'I' want from the web!

Very rightly said though, that this is something that can work very well within org-wide Intranet / Extranet applications. Not sure about its success in the community of independent researchers...

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